Yürü Be Istanbul: An Award Winning Application As You Walk

Yürü Be Istanbul: An Award Winning Application As You Walk

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The “Walk Be Istanbul” competition, implemented in cooperation with Samsung and Spor Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, offers Istanbulites the opportunity to win prizes as they walk, and will continue until April 16.

The aim of the project is to encourage the residents of Istanbul to walk. By downloading the “Yürü Be İstanbul” application to their mobile phones, users can participate in the competition in 4 different time zones of the day and increase their chances of winning a prize by walking whenever they wish.

Within the scope of the competition, a total of 40 people who enter the top 10 in each time zone will win gift certificates and discount coupons from Samsung. Users must complete the task called “Galaxy Walk” to participate in the contest. Afterwards, users can see their place on the leaderboard in 4 different time zones according to the number of steps they take in different time zones of the day. Until April 16 (23:59), the first 5 users with the most steps on each leaderboard will receive a gift card, and the next 5 users will receive a discount card.

Walk Be Istanbul Tasks

Walk and Istanbul Missions

In the Walk Be Istanbul application, pleasant tasks await you.

  • You can walk along the shores of the Bosphorus with the quest “Fersah League Istanbul”.
  • With the quest “Snow Globe” you can count the steps you take during the winter.
  • With “Zodiac” quests, you can collect zodiac badges by counting the steps you take on your night walks.
  • “Do You Have 50,000 Steps?” you can earn rewards in your quest.




Walk Istanbul Awards and BadgesWalk Istanbul Badges

Thanks to the Walk Be Istanbul application, you can have the opportunity to win awards and badges with the steps you take. In this way, you can determine your level and earn points.
The badges you will earn are waiting for you as an indicator of your steps and achievements. Walk Be Istanbul makes walking more fun, earning badges, awards and sometimes surprise gifts as you take a step!


Walk and Istanbul Routes

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Exploring the beauties of Istanbul and doing this actively on foot becomes even more enjoyable.

Here are some of the routes you can explore Istanbul with your steps:

  • Hacıosman Grove
  • Belgrade Forest
  • Caddebostan Beach
  • Yedikule-Ayvansaray History Walk

Walk Istanbul Not Counting My Steps?

The app measures steps taken in areas where GPS location information can be accessed, taking into account displacements and walking speed. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that all permissions are given correctly and that the application is active in the background. For Android users, we recommend giving all permissions by checking the Optimization Directive in our app’s settings menu so that your phone doesn’t stop counting your steps.

How to use Walk Be Istanbul Awards?

You can see the awards you have won in My Badges in the Settings menu. In order to use the rewards in the application, you must first register your phone number in the application. Badges can have different uses. While MoneyPoints/Heart rewards are automatically credited to your account, you need to click on the ‘Redeem’ button to use other badges. The Redeem button may provide you with a QR code to read in the area where you can use the reward, or it can send a coupon code to your GSM number registered in the system so that you can use it in the relevant area. Also, in order to use the rewards, you must make sure that all permissions of our application are granted and that your phone’s internet connection is active.

Prizes also have expiry dates and this varies from award to award. Considering the usage times byou should have.

Yürü Be Istanbul: An Award Winning Application As You Walk

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