Youtube Won’t Open Problem (Solution)

Youtube Won't Open Problem (Solution)

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YouTube does not open problemhas been one of the problems that users of the platform are looking for a solution frequently in the last period. As a result of the error of YouTube, which is a popular video viewing site, some users started to be unable to access YouTube. There may be different reasons behind users’ inability to access YouTube.

YouTube is a platform where you can upload and watch videos. With more than 1.5 billion active users, this platform is one of the most used platforms in the world. This platform, which uploads hundreds of videos every minute, sometimes becomes difficult for users to access. In such a case, users start searching on the internet asking why YouTube is not opening.

Youtube Not Opening Problem

YouTube won’t open is one of the problems you may encounter in computer and mobile applications. People try to enter YouTube from their computers or mobile devices, but the home page does not open. This situation is described as YouTube not opening problem.

There can be multiple reasons for YouTube not opening. The first thing you should do is to determine why the program does not open and find a suitable solution.

Causes of Youtube Won’t Open Problem

Users cannot access YouTube from time to time. Users who wonder why there is an access problem start to investigate. There are multiple reasons why YouTube won’t open. For YouTube problem resolution, first of all, the cause of the problem should be determined. The first thing you can do about the problem is to search for YouTube is not opening last minute in your browser and check if there is an up-to-date access problem. One of the reasons why YouTube doesn’t open is a technical problem, such as congestion on its servers and insufficient internet connection.

Solutions to Open Youtube

Youtube Won't Open Issue

If the YouTube does not open problem is experienced on the PC, it is possible to solve this problem by following some steps. To solve the YouTube not opening problem, you can find the solution by following the steps below.

  • The first thing you should do is check your internet connection. One of the reasons behind YouTube not opening is lack of internet connection. Sometimes the internet connection may not be fully established. In these cases, YouTube will either open late or leave you with the problem of not opening.
  • Try refreshing the YouTube page after checking the internet connection. If the problem is with your internet connection, YouTube will open in a short time.
  • If you have connected to the Internet and refreshed the page, but YouTube still does not open, there may be a problem with your browser. To solve this, you can close your browser and wait for a while, then try to open YouTube again. If there is a problem with your browser, you can access YouTube after closing and opening it.
  • Using VPN is also cited as one of the reasons why YouTube won’t open. VPN apps can sometimes cause some problems with your browser. You may not be able to access YouTube as a result of problems. In this case, what you should do is to remove the VPN service and try to enter YouTube that way.
  • If you do not adequately protect your computer, your computer may be infected by viruses or dangerous software. In this case, your computer will not be able to get full efficiency and some problems may occur with your browser. The YouTube not opening issue can also be a result of these malwares. For this reason, you should install an antivirus program on your computer and perform a detailed antivirus scan. Once your computer is free of viruses, you can access YouTube again.
  • If the cache of your browser you use on the desktop is full, you may have trouble accessing YouTube. Clear your browser’s cache by clicking the clear cache option on the settings page

The Problem of Unable to Access Youtube from the Phone

YouTube won’t open is one of the problems that Android phone users face from time to time. If you can’t access YouTube on your phone, you may have encountered a problem caused by the application or your phone. If you want YouTube to open on your phone, you can find a solution to your problem by following the steps below.

  • Try restarting your phone
  • Try to open the app from another phone to see if the problem is with the phone or the app
  • Your browser may block your access to YouTube. Try to access YouTube in another browser
  • Your internet connection check if you have
  • Check your phone’s date and time
  • Check your social media accounts for people with the same problem as you
  • Clean your phone with antivirus programs in case your phone is infected with a virus
  • Check if the YouTube app is up to date
  • Clear cached data
  • Check if your phone is up to date
  • If the feedback screen appears on YouTube, write your problem here and give feedback
  • If you have tried all the steps above and still cannot access YouTube, contact YouTube help
  • If you can’t open YouTube from a different phone and open it from your own phone, take your phone to the technical service. If there is a system error with your phone, the technical service will be detected from it and the necessary settings will be made for you to reconnect to YouTube.


Youtube Won’t Open Problem (Solution)

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