Yeni Haberler


Google: Links No Longer Among the Top Three Ranking Factors

In an important statement from a Google official, it was stated that links are no longer...


Fighter Pilot Training is Done with AR Technology | Boeing and Red 6’s First Flight with Virtual Reality was Held

Technology has come to the rescue for Fighter Pilot training, which is one of the most...


17-Month-Old Startup Company Sold for 28 Billion Dollars! Giant Cyber ​​Security Company Is Buying That Software Startup!

Initiatives made in the field of software sometimes provide you with a very quick return. In...


It Will Control Everyone with One Click: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Chip Started to Be Installed in People

Elon Musk’s chip experiments called Neuralink, which are attached to the human brain and sparked conspiracy...


Expenses Made in That Game Are Refunded! Applications Have Started, 520 Million Dollars Will Be Distributed, Hurry Up!

Good News for Fortnite Players: Will Distribute $520 Million to Users to Refund Purchases… The Federal...

Smart Phone

New foldable phone Phantom V Flip is coming from Tecno!

Tecno is launching its new model Phantom V Flip to reinforce its presence in the foldable...


Xiaomi Introduces Mijia Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

Xiaomi introduced the Mijia Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine and announced that this innovative kitchen appliance...


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