‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Breaks Records


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The Super Mario Brothers Movie, a production by Illumination-Nintendo-Universal, continues to reach an estimated $659 million by Sunday, after grossing $500 million worldwide on Thursday. $318.6 million of this was obtained from the international box office.

By Friday, the brothers had grossed $268.9 million from viewers in 71 countries and $551.9 million globally. According to the weekend results, an estimated $82.6 million is expected, down 37% from the bright opening of the previous week. As we reported earlier, the movie is currently recorded as the biggest studio made movie of 2023.

It’s also the second-largest animated feature film worldwide since 2019, lagging behind only Illumination/Universal’s Minions: The Rise of Gru. This is also true in the international market, where it has not yet been released in the Middle East, Korea and Japan.

The Aaron Horvath/Michael Jelenic-directed adaptation is on track to become Universal’s sixth-biggest animated film of all time, surpassing Sing ($634.9 million). As of Friday, the movie surpassed Despicable Me, which grossed $543.9 million.'Super Mario Bros. Movie' Breaks Records

The film, which features Chris Pratt/Charlie Day/Anya Taylor-Joy/Seth Rogen/Jack Black abroad, was the biggest film of 2023 in 25 countries such as Australia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom and Ireland. At current rates, it is the largest studio animated/family movie since 2019 in Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

In Mexico, Super Mario is this year’s biggest movie and the third highest-grossing studio animation by current rates. It surpassed The Rise of Gru and Toy Story 3. As of Friday, local revenue was $43.4 million, down an estimated 46% from the opening week, resulting in the weekend’s conclusion.

The Super Mario Movie grossed $16.4 million in France, down just 14% since its opening weekend. The film, which grossed $26.9 million in Germany and $16.5 million in Australia, will also meet with audiences in the Middle East, Korea and Japan.

‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Breaks Records

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