Yeni Haberler


It Will Control Everyone with One Click: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Chip Started to Be Installed in People

Elon Musk’s chip experiments called Neuralink, which are attached to the human brain and sparked conspiracy...


Frightening Warning from NASA for Asteroid Bennu: There is a Risk of Collision in 2182

New statements from NASA scientists warned that if the asteroid named Bennu hits our planet, it...


Groundbreaking Trial Pushing the Boundaries of Medicine: Pig Kidney Lasted 2 Months in Humans

US scientific researchers performed a pig kidney transplant on a 58-year-old male patient on July 14....


Planck Mission to Create a Map Showing the First Minutes of the Universe After the Big Bang Completed

The Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency (ESA) produced a map called the “Cosmic...


How Many Megapixels Is The Human Eye? Is the Eye Measured in Megapixels?

The human eye is one of the greatest miracles that nature has given us. The eye...


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