Infected Apps Detected in Google Play Store

Infected Apps Detected in Google Play Store

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Although the Android application store in the Play Store hosts hundreds of thousands of applications that will benefit many users, unfortunately there are also malicious applications. Recently, it has been found that applications trying to get hold of users’ banking data have emerged.

They Target Mobile Banking

According to software company ThreatFabric, the apps in question contain a Trojan horse called “Anatsa”. This virus aims to capture users’ banking data by targeting 600 major finance applications in many countries such as the USA, UK, and Germany.

According to the sources, this virus takes advantage of the banking application to steal the user’s credentials, credit card information, balance and payment information and to perform various transactions by gaining control over the device. For example, it can perform transactions such as sending money to another account on behalf of the user. Of course, such fraudulent transactions go unnoticed as they are carried out from the user’s device. Of course, the situation cannot be noticed until the user notices it.

According to the software company, these Trojan-containing apps are uploaded to the Play Store looking like apps that were actually developed to make things easier for users. However, after the application is installed on the phone, it downloads software from outside and this software contains a virus as expected.

Google stated that the malicious apps mentioned below have been removed from the Play Store and the developers have been banned. He also stated that Google Play Protect automatically removes such applications from Android devices. However, there are also some users who state that there are applications that have not been removed.

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Infected Apps Detected in Google Play Store

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