HarmonyOS 4 Introduced: What’s New?


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Technology giant Huawei is coming across users with the highly anticipated HarmonyOS 4 operating system. Standing out with its innovative features and customization options, HarmonyOS 4 takes users’ digital experience to the next level.

Starting with the home screen, Huawei offers users the ability to customize system fonts, colors, clock style and widget options. In addition, the option to customize emoji wallpapers and home screens with their favorite emojis is also offered to users.

HarmonyOS 4 Live Emoji

One of the most notable innovations of HarmonyOS 4 is the update of the emoji pack with animated options. The Panorama Weather feature makes it even easier to follow the weather forecast on the lock screen.

The notification center has also been updated, allowing users to manage incoming notifications according to their preferences. In addition, options to pin app notifications and interact directly from the notification center make the users experience more convenient.

HarmonyOS 4 Live Window Feature

The Live Window feature stands out as an innovation developed by Huawei inspired by Apple’s Dynamic Island. Real-time alerts and notifications of supported apps are displayed in an icon in the corner of the device. With a single tap, users can expand this window to interact with applications.

HarmonyOS 4’s expanded widget options and Super Relay’s copy feature give users access to a wider range of apps and utilities. It also allows them to quickly share files, text and images between different devices.

HarmonyOS 4 Live Window Feature

Continuity features also provide an immersive experience in vehicles using HarmonyOS infotainment systems. Thanks to the transfer of content to the vehicle screen, drivers and passengers can get more comfort and connectivity during their travels.

HarmonyOS 4 Performance and Security

Another area where Huawei is ambitious is performance and security. HarmonyOS 4 comes with Ark Engine, which offers faster app launch, smooth animations and 20% better performance. It also includes security improvements such as enhanced permission monitoring, app install alerts, and protection of personal information.

The public beta of HarmonyOS 4 is available on 34 different devices such as the Mate50 series, P60 series and Mate X3. Later, the beta program is planned to be expanded to a wider range of 35 devices, including the P40, Mate 30, nova 9 and nova 10 series. With this new operating system, users will be able to enjoy a level of customization, speed and security benefits they have never experienced before.

HarmonyOS 4 Introduced: What’s New?

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