Google: Links No Longer Among the Top Three Ranking Factors

Google: Links No Longer Among the Top Three Ranking Factors

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In an important statement from a Google official, it was stated that links are no longer the top ranking signal. Speaking at the PubCon conference, Gary Illyes stated that Google is gradually reducing the importance of links in its ranking system.

Google’s trend of reducing the importance of links in its search algorithms has been continuing for the past two years. But last Thursday at PubCon, Gary Illyes of the Google Search team said that he would no longer even include links among the top three ranking factors that Google uses.

According to Gary Illyes, even unlinked pages now have the possibility of ranking first on Google. This change in Google’s algorithm seems to have an impact on SEO practices.

How will Google’s latest statement affect SEO experts?

With Google’s latest statement, it became clear that links will no longer be as effective as before. This news points to a new era in the SEO industry.

SEO Experts said, “This news surprised us. Because for years, we have always considered links as one of the most important elements in our SEO work. With Google’s latest statement, we now understand that content and user experience have more say than links. Of course, connections are still important, but the parameters have changed. We will need to reconsider our SEO strategies and shift to content-focused approaches. We need to offer our customers a new road map. I hope Google will continue to share details on this subject in the future. We can also constantly update our strategies. “We will accelerate our work to keep up with the change,” they said.

Google: Links No Longer Among the Top Three Ranking Factors

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