Book Reading Apps and Features

Book Reading Apps and Features

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Book reading apps is seen as a great boon for people who want to read books on public transport. In addition, the number of people who use applications to read books has increased in recent years due to the increasing book prices and the fact that there are people who do not want to carry thick books with them. These applications, which contain hundreds of books, conquer the hearts of book lovers with their rich archives. If you are looking for an application to read books, you can review the applications below and start using the one that suits you best.


Moon+Reader is among the top best book reading apps. Supporting 42 languages, including Turkish, this application also offers its users the opportunity to read books in different languages. While learning a new language, you can use this application to read books in that language.

The Moon+Reader application allows you to copy the book you are reading, mark the place where you left off and take various notes on the book. This application, which also considers those who love to read books at night, offers you the chance to read the book for a long time by changing the screen light level, making your eyes less tired.


If you are looking for a computer reading app, Wattpad may be the best option for you. This application, which has been downloaded by more than 100 million people, is among the most popular book reading applications. This application, which supports 24 different languages, especially Turkish, also provides people with the opportunity to write their own stories. You can share your story with people so that others can read your stories. Other users can comment on your story and follow your account. You can find the opportunity to both read and publish your book and socialize on Wattpad.

Story Tel

If you are looking for a reading book app on the phone, Story Tel app is for you. In this application, which includes classics and popular books, the opportunity to listen to the books aloud is also offered to the users. You can create a library from the books you read or listen to, and listen to the voiced books.

Book Reading Apps and Features
Book Reading Applications and Features

Amazon Kindle

If the best book reading app list were to be made, Amazon Kindle would definitely be at the top of the list. In this application, which has a crowded archive, you can take notes on the book you are reading. You can continue reading from where you left off when you close and open this application, where you can access both classic books and popular books. In addition, even if you started reading a book on the phone, the ability to continue where you left off on a tablet or computer is one of the biggest pluses of this application.

Since the application offers you the ability to customize, you can change the fonts in the application or create a more comfortable reading screen for yourself by enlarging or reducing the lines between the lines.


The Scribd application contains the books of more than 900 publishers. This application, which supports nearly 100 languages and has about 10 million items, is eye-catching as an application where you can find all kinds of books that will appeal to your taste. Not only novels and stories are included in the application. Comics and audiobooks are also included, and the application also offers its users the opportunity to download the books to your phone. You can read the books you download to your phone offline when you don’t have internet.

Kobo Books

Supporting 8 languages, especially Turkish, Italian and Japanese, the Kobo Books application has a feature that can be used as a tablet reading application. There are more than 4 million books in the archive of the application. You can create an account in your e-mail address by downloading the application to your phone or tablet. If you like to quote while reading a book, this app is for you. You can share excerpts from the book on your social media account. This application, where you can also vote for the book you are reading, is designed as an application that those who love to read will enjoy using.


The FBReader application, which has been downloaded by 10 million people, is designed to be used by devices with all kinds of operating systems. The application, which has a large archive, is an application where you can find and read many books you want in a short time. You can also take notes on your book with this application where you can see where you are staying, change the font and size. You can find the type of book you want in a short time by searching for tags in the application that provides information about the book you want to download.


Offered as a free book reading application, Aldiko is also an application with a paid version. The free version of the application is high quality enough to be an alternative to many paid book reading programs. Since the read books are not automatically recorded in the memory of the application, you can enjoy reading books before your memory is full. You can create a special reading application for yourself by changing the font, reading background color and font size within the application.


Book Reading Apps and Features

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