Best Turkish Comedy Movies

Best Turkish Comedy Movies

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The best Turkish comedy movies are different every period. However, there are such films that continue to make you laugh even after years have passed. When you have an unhappy day or want to laugh, you open one of these movies, forget everything you’ve been through and let yourself go with the flow of the movie.

Turkish cinema, which has produced many comedy films from the past to the present, breaks the viewing records with some of its films, while the lines of some of its films are of such high quality that you will remember them for a lifetime.

Süt Kardeşler – 1976

Süt Brothers - Best Turkish Movies

The 1976 film Süt Kardeşler brought together great masters such as Halit Akçatepe, Kemal Sunal and Şener Şen. The film tells what happened to Şaban and Ramazan, the naval soldiers. Şaban’s foster mother calls to see him, but Ramazan goes home and things get complicated. While there is chaos in the house, a Ghoul appears. If you are one of those people who were afraid of the ghoul and could not watch the movie when they were little, it would be useful to watch it and finish it as soon as possible.

Hababam Sınıfı – 1975

Hababam Class - Best Turkish Movies

Hababam Class is at the top of the list of the best Turkish comedy movies ever. The film, which entered our lives as of 1975, continues to make the audience laugh for more than forty years.

The Hababam Class, which consists of the mischievous students of Private Çamlıca High School, are the students who have annoyed the teachers in the school and have the ability to boil every lesson. With the arrival of the assistant principal, Mahmut teacher, a difficult teacher awaits the Hababam Class. The lines of the movie, which brings together the giants of comedy, are known by many by heart. Even if you watch the movie forty times over forty years, it is certain that you will laugh like the first day.

Neşeli Günler – 1978

Hababam Class - Happy Days

One of the films that is at the top of the list of the best of Turkish comedy films is Neşeli Günler. The film, which is remembered with the line of whether pickles are made with lemon or vinegar, was presented to the audience in 1978. The discussion of why pickles will be made has caused a family with 6 children to break up. The mother took three of the children and the father took the other three children and led a separate life for many years. The brothers, who came together by chance, come up with a plan to gather the family together. The movie starring Adile Naşit and Münir Özkul has become one of the cult movies.

Organize İşler – 2005

Organize Jobs - Best Turkish Movies

The comedy, starring Yılmaz Erdoğan and Tolga Çevik, has become one of the most watched comedy films of all time. The movie, which was released in 2005, brought the chaotic environment of Istanbul to the cinema.

Things develop when a teenager trying to make money by wearing a Superman costume falls into the middle of a criminal gang. The struggle of the young man, who is trying to survive in the criminal world he accidentally entered, has been transferred to the big screen. The movie, which is remembered with the line “What is a beating, why is it thrown away,” has become one of the cult movies.

Hükümet Kadın – 2013

Women in Government - Best Turkish Movies

Aziz Bey, the mayor of Mardin’s Midyat district, is struggling to bring water to the village. The dreams of Aziz Bey, who lost his life as a result of an accident with my hand, were left unfinished. Xate, the wife of Aziz Bey, rolls up his sleeves to protect the memory of Aziz Bey. Xate, who has become the mayor, faces many obstacles, but puts up with everything for the memory of Aziz Bey. The film features Xate’s experiences and his struggle to bring water to the village. A sequel to the movie Government Women, one of the most popular comedy movies of the last period, was also shot.

Eyvah Eyvah – 2010

Alas Alas - Best Turkish Movies

The movie, starring Demet Akbağ and Ata Demirer, takes place in a cute town of Çanakkale. Ata Demirer plays the character of Hüseyin in the movie and acts as a musician at weddings. Hüseyin, who left his town to find his father, meets Demet Akba.

He embarks on funny adventures with the character of Firuzan, played by ğ.

Eltilerin Savaşı – 2020

Battle of the Elti - Best Turkish Movies

The movie, which was released in 2020, is shown among the best Turkish comedies. In the movie, the race between the eldest bride of the family and the younger bride is conveyed to the audience. The funny situations between the Eltiler were appreciated by the audience.

Aile Arasında – 2017

In Family - Best Turkish Movies

Among the best of the Turkish comedy films, Gülse Birsel’s film Aile Arasta has gained a solid place. Fikret, one of the main characters of the movie, has just separated from his wife and has no place to stay. The other main character is Solmaz, and the events begin when he gives Fikret a place to stay.

Solmaz’s daughter, who was on the eve of marriage, lied to her boyfriend about her family. Solmaz is looking for a wife to play the role of a happy family so that his daughter’s lies are not exposed. Solmaz asks the character of Fikret to act as the father of his daughter. Fikret, who can’t lie, has a hard time playing this role. The happy family game played by Fikret and Solmaz is told to the audience in the movie.

Best Turkish Comedy Movies

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